CHAMPIONS: The WorldWardens

Episode 2 - It's Blood in the Water by Enermatrix
When Sharks Attack

Dear Journal,

Had an interesting time these last few days. I experienced my first quake here in San Francisco. It was kinda disturbing but it was nothing compared to the news when I heard that the quake epicenter was westward off the shore. I flew out there, trying to see how big the tsunami was. I thought I might try to electrify the water and maybe create a hydrogen explosion, but it didn’t work. When I think of it, maybe I should have thought about it more. Whatever I might have done, it had the same effect as throwing a stone in the ocean.

I tried helping a few people who were caught in the water that rushed in. Need to be careful though, I’m not sure how well this Darlex bodysuit will resist water. At least, I don’t squeak like I used to in that latex bodysuit. I keep laughing at how much lube I needed getting into it when I was living in Windsor.

So, after a couple of hours of doing rescues, I worked with the authorities at a shelter, supplying power for the emergency hospital. Real boring work but it was needed.

Had to get a drink of water… Anyway, so I was bored at the camp when the others came back, talking about humanoid sharks? Makes me wish I watched more Discovery channel.

To be continued…

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